ZONA*MIND is the music-focused, design and animation studio of Ecuadorian-Australian, Cynthia Larenas which aims to spread conscious awareness and positivity through different creative mediums and collaborations.

Using nostalgic imagery and psychedelic storytelling, ZONA*MIND explores themes of the esoteric and metaphysical in the hope that it encourages people to experience sound (and life) in a more immersive way.

ZONA*MIND is currently based in Brooklyn, NY.


Egyptian Lover, Nelson Dialect, Spotify, Brooklyn Psychedelic Society, LOS (JBW), The Undercover Dream Lovers, GOHS, Red Apples 45.

Cynthia has exhibited at Ambush Gallery and at Vivid Sydney both as a visual installation artist and speaker and has played live visuals for musicians in New York, Barcelona, Lyon and Adelaide. ZONA*MIND visuals have also been used for the Boiler Room and private club residencies. 


Music Videos
Live Visuals and Installations
Album Artwork



ZONA*MIND would like to give respect and acknowledgement to the original inhabitants and indigenous peoples of the Lenape land on which she currently operates. 

ZONA*MIND –  © 2019